Alan J. McRae
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Current Projects



IT technical support & smart hands network consultant experienced in microcomputer-based networks, network infrastructure, broadband installation & troubleshooting, accounting systems, vertical market applications, Microsoft Office suite, on-site & remote technical support/troubleshooting, network discovery & diagramming, business planning & management software, and end-user training. My expertise is listening to client’s needs, analyzing system requirements, make/buy decision-making, proposing an integrated system solution, demonstrating complex, integrated software packages, and working with vendors & technical specialists to implement, customize and support the proposed system. Looking to consult on larger projects with top-notch technical teams and strong MSP's.


1997-Present   LANCOPS SecureNET Services
    Smart Hands Network Technician: freelance IT technician specializing in network infrastructure upgrades & troubleshooting, broadband installation & troubleshooting, commercial wifi, network discovery & documentation, server installations & upgrades, and onsite PC support. Clients include Fortune 1000, financial services, chain retailers, medical clinics, chain restaurants, air transport services, shipping services, and more. MSP clients include Dell, HP, FS24-7, and all major online IT work markets. Learning to install & support the Fortinet NGFW platform.






IT Computer Consultant: independent computer consultant partnering with successful computer retailers and specializing in computerized accounting systems, office automation, computer systems technical support, and end-user training. Authorized VAR for Open Systems, Peachtree, and SCO Unix. Responsibilities include client needs assessment, application market research, proposal writing, product demonstration, sales closing, system setup & testing, user training, and on-going technical support.

Supporting Open Systems, Peachtree, QuickBooks, Quicken accounting systems, as well as Microsoft Office Professional, MS-Frontpage, Visio, Lotus 1-2-3, Word Perfect for Unix, WinFax Pro and other office productivity tools. Recent experience with computer security, including Symantec Client Security, Norton Internet Security Suite 2004, GFI S.E.L.M, GFI S.I.M, EagleX IDS, Manhunt, Port Explorer, TDS-3, SpyBot Search & Destroy, SNORT, Watchguard SOHO and other security utilities.

I also support Windows 95/98/2000/XP, Windows for Workgroups, DOS, SCO Xenix, SCO Unix, and Novell Netware operating systems. I am in the process of adding MS-Project, Windows 2003, Linux, Visual Foxpro and Visual Basic to this list of supported applications. Seeking additional training in PC/LAN/WAN security and web services development.



SUN COMPUTERS & SOFTWARE: independent systems consultant for accounting system & vertical marketing, customer needs analysis, proposal writing, software installation, end-user training and on-site technical support for a computer retail store in East Northport, NY.




MICROAGE COMPUTER STORE: senior systems consultant to retail store - specializing in accounting and financial applications. Sold FIS Accounting, Open Systems Accounting, and numerous productivity software packages on IBM/AT&T/Compaq computers to corporate and small business market, and trained end-users in proper software operation.





Corporate Computer Consultant: programmer/consultant to Fleischmann Distilling Company, Julius Wile Sons & Co., Award Petroleum, Tempo Instrument Inc., Cerro Wire & Conduit, and many professional/service organizations on Long Island, NY.

Retail Store Computer Consultant: sales/support/training      consultant to several retail computer stores, including Entre Computer Center, Sun Computers & Software, and Computerland. Sold & supported IBM/COMPAQ/NEC computers, HP/EPSON/OKIDATA printers, with Open Systems accounting and standard office productivity software.





BERLINER COMPUTER CENTER: marketing manager for a retail computer store under contract to McRae Management Corp. Boosted sales of Apple Computers to doctors, corporate users, and small business.






COMPUTERLAND OF CARLE PLACE: microcomputer sales consultant specializing in business applications on Apple II computer - the beginnings of the personal computer revolution.






CHRISTOPHER THOMAS ADVERTISING ASSOC.: provided technical product marketing/advertising support to firm and their high-tech clients.








Broad-based, hands-on, technical training with special emphasis on business computing, business management, and accounting. Experienced with Windows & Linux Operating Systems, as well as continuing education in various technical fields of interest.





HANDS-ON LEARNING: Presently learning the Fortinet NGFW platform. Wrote a Commerical Bakery Billing & Production Management System in Visual Foxpro for a long-standing client, and created  Websites for an Internet Broadcasting Company & a specialty fiber manufacturer.



PROFESSIONAL SEMINARS: Attended training seminars on IBM, Compaq, AT&T, NEC, Altos and other microcomputer systems, as well as Novell Netware, Windows for Workgroups,     Windows95/98/2000/XP, Lantastic, DOS, Xenix and Unix operating systems and ACCPAC, Peachtree, Open Systems, Macola, SBT and other business software applications.   





CERTIFIED INSTALLER CERTIFICATES: Open Systems and ACCPAC Accounting Software (all modules).










ADELPHI UNIVERSITY: Financial Planning, Business and Computer Science courses.





NEW YORK INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY: Computer Science and Business Administration with special emphasis on Marketing Management.





GRUMMAN DATA SYSTEMS INSTITUTE: Certificate in Computer Programming.





PROFESSIONAL SEMINARS:  Attended training seminars on self-development, time management, sales & marketing management, and other business topics.





SUNY at STONY BROOK: Physics, Computer Science, Economics and Accounting courses.      





HEMPSTEAD HIGH SCHOOL: Honors student in Math & Science - National Honor Society, National Science Foundation, Mathematics League, and Waldemar Science Foundation Awards.




SOFTWARE: Familiar with all versions of MicrosoftWindows, DOS, Xenix/Unix, Novell, and Linux operating systems; as well as BBx BASIC, DBASE, Foxpro, and Alpha Four Languages. Expert knowledge of all Accounting Software modules: Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory, Sales Order, Purchase Order, General Ledger, Payroll, Job Cost, Bill of Materials, Production Planning, Time & Billing, Point-of-Sale, and Report Writer. Power user of Microsoft Office Professional, MS-Frontpage, Visio, PaintShop Pro, and other PC application software. Recent experience with security software such as Symantec Client Security, Norton Internet Security Suite, GFI S.E.L.M, GFI S.I.M, EagleX IDS, Manhunt, Port Explorer, TDS-3, SpyBot Search & Destroy, SNORT, Watchguard SOHO and other security utilities.

HARDWARE: Extensive personal computer hardware experience as well, including system assembly, troubleshooting, upgrading, and on-site support. I have worked with workstations, servers, dumb terminals, routers, switches, VPN's, gateways, NGFW's, printers, print servers, scanners, and most standard peripherals.

INTERNET MARKETING: Many years of experience as a webmaster, including development of commercial websites, content development, using 3rd party development tools, search engine optimization, and reciprocal linking strategies.

PROBLEM SOLVING: Many years of experience at technical problem solving, including stepwise decomposition, black box technique, online research, workgroup collaboration, and selecting specialists.


Network operations, network security, and network administration. Broadband installation, upgrades, and troubleshooting. Accounting & e-commerce system installation & user training, web-enabling legacy systems, securing PC-based LAN's & WAN's, assisting businesses & institutions with IT development, encouraging joint ventures & project management, facilitating secure Windows 7/8/10& Linux LAN deployment, implementing successful Internet marketing systems, creating & conducting multi-media presentations, and working with highly motivated computer professionals on various IT projects.
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I am also a partner in a real estate venture that owns a Bed & Breakfast/Retreat Center in Waynesville, North Carolina - near the Smoky Mountain National Park. Through this venture I promote outdoor recreation, wilderness conservation, appropriate technology, holistic health, and traditional values. I enjoy hiking, camping, canoeing, whitewater rafting, organic gardening, and other outdoor pursuits. (See

For many years I have been interested in sustainability issues: appropriate technologies, renewable energy systems, ecovillages, planned communities, permaculture, organic agriculture, greenhouses, aquaculture, solar architecture, and environmental control systems. I would very much like to be involved in a well-funded effort to design & build the sustainable communities of the future. (See


Green Equity Builders: organizing makers around the world to create a panelized homestead building system. Learning SketchUp CAD software to design solar cabins and homestead outbuildings. Also using Dewalt power tools to fabricate homebuilding panelized components and assembling panels into completed structures. Researching Schedule J HVAC calculation software to design systems for solar cabins. Creating an online knowledgebase for homesteading technologies.

LANCOPS SecureNet Services: deploying a Fortinet NGFW appliance in my computer lab to learn installation, configuration, monitoring and security response on this popular high value router & firewall system.

OutdoorFun Website: preparing to re-design & update this travel & outdoor recreation website that I developed when I helped to run the Maggie's Place B&B/Retreat Center in the Smoky Mountains. (See


References will be furnished upon request.