Compassion by Maggie Barton


Thank you for showing me compassion today.
Clothed in offensive smells, old and wrinkled.
Young and not so young.
All less fortunate than myself.
Not the sights that you see on commercials.
They all want food.
Food because they have none.
I put aside my discomfort of smell,
And ventured closer to her concern.
She wasn’t content with the food that had been given her.
"Do you have any of those fish sticks?" she exclaimed.
I went to the refrigerator searching for her want.
Good, frozen fish sticks - lots of them!
I proudly bagged a bunch and returned to her with my find.
She was happy.

My smile was from relief and satisfaction with myself.
She will leave happy with her fish sticks,
And I will be able to return to my world of sanitary fragrance.
Thankful for my comfortable life.


Copyright 1999 All rights reserved.

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