The OLD PARADIGM is mechanistic, ego-based power that causes FEAR and CONFORMITY - disallowing people to be truly human. Its models of success were often machine people; their heads cut off from feelings and their Divine Source. In this view, God is OUT THERE - and HE is unpredictable, unforgiving, and unapproachable except through priestly intermediaries. All during the Ages of the old paradigm, we held onto a deep inner conflict - a divisive inner state that resembled schizophrenia. We would say that we love God, and God loves us, but we would keep ourselves from surrendering to that SPIRITUAL TRUST. Instead, we became the expendable pawns of the powerful - people who scheme, conspire, and betray to achieve their worldly ends.

How could we connect with God when we didn't allow ourselves to connect with the God inside of us? If we don't allow ourselves to be aligned with God's Highest Purpose for us, then we are living a farse if we purport to love God or believe in a Creator. We are here as spirits in physical form - not vice versa. Our mission and birthright is to return to this union. How much we have worshiped false gods and how out of balance we have become. As sentient beings and as a global village, technology has become our God and we have become slaves to that God. Our separatedness from our loving God keeps us fearful, preoccupied, and controllingly controlled.
We have become spiritually sedated.

The courage is to return to our original connection - that Garden of Eden, that Christ Consciousness in us. We do that by having the courage to dissolve our separateness - that paralizing fear that keeps us apart.

Inside all of us we have the Answer. We are the keepers of our Truth - we all have that Divine Connection, that inner door. You can receive the Grace to enter the Inner Kingdom by achieving the willingness to surrender to the process of returning. By surrendering to that thin spiritual thread that keeps trying to reel you in - instead of unconsciously resisting and moving farther away. It is your birthright to return to that inner space, that void where there is Peace, Balance, and Security - your Original Home.

We cannot solve the world's problems with reason and technology (see "Eco-Apocalypse: The Failure of Reason & Technology"). We are not God: we did not make the world and we cannot save the world.We can, however, begin to look at our own Inner World and at our own Manifested Creation, and we can begin, ever so slowly or in leaps & bounds, to start to peel that onion one layer at a time. Peeling off what isn't, down to what is. At the core of the onion of consciousness & creation is our unique connection with the Living God: Our Soul.

The NEW PARADIGM is spiritual, God-based awareness that causes PEACE and DIVERSITY - encouraging people to be truly human. Its models of success are holy, enlightened people; their hearts full of love & compassion and their minds immersed in God's Holy Purpose. In this view, God is EVERYWHERE- and IT is purposeful, forgiving, and approachable by all loving, compassionate, sentient beings. During the coming Ages of the New Paradigm, we will resolve our deep inner conflict - and heal our spiritual schizophrenia. We will say that we love God, and God loves everyone & everything, and we will surrender to the SPIRITUAL TRUST that love of God requires.

My husband, Alan, and I, along with our partner Gary, are undertaking our return to the core. We have taken some concrete steps, so that our internal journey has been paralleled with our external journey. We bought a 3700 sqft house in Western North Carolina, near the Smoky Mountain National Park approximately two years ago and are transforming it into our Garden of Eden. Our purpose is to complete the basic renovation work and then invite guests to share the experience of beautification & spiritual awakening with us. Together we will plant flowers, herbs, vegetables, fruit trees, mushrooms, and shrubs, compost our organic waste, raise fish, turn sunlight into electricity, sit by the waterfall and contemplate Nature, hike to Indian Sacred Sites, experience a Sweat Lodge Ceremony, create Sacred Music, and Offer Prayers for Peace & Healing. We want to be able to share and assist others with their journey home.

Therefore, Maggie's Place has become a setting for Peace, Security, Joy, and Creative Energy: Fire Circles, Storytelling, Silence, Meditation, and Communion with God & Nature. A place designed to facilitate every person's deepest desire to Return Home - away from this ever speeding up, anguished world. We invite you to come and support our Vision of Universal Love & Communion. All faiths and denominations are welcome.

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