Haywood County Facts


Haywood County is easily accesible from anywhere in the United States by major interstate highways. Interstate 40 runs right through Haywood County. Interstate 26 comes up from the South Carolina Coast just to the east of Haywood County. For a more leisurely trek you might try the Blue Ridge Parkway or if you are in a hurry, fly into the nearby Asheville/Hendersonville Regional Airport.


Haywood County covers 544 square miles, with approximately 40% of the county contained in portions of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Pisgah National Forest and the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Waynesville, the county seat, is 2,635 feet above sea level.



Temperature: Avg. January temperature: 37.5 degrees; Avg. June temperature: 70.7 degrees. Rainfall: Avg. rainfall is 47.5 inches per year. Snowfall: Avg. snowfall is 12.2 inches per year.


POPULATION 1970 1980 1990 1993


5,158 4,631 3,790 3,783
Clyde 814 1,008 1,041 1,089
Maggie Valley 159 202 185 354
Waynesville 6,488 6,765 6,758 7,604
HAYWOOD COUNTY 41,710 46,495 46,942 49,009

*1995 total for Haywood County after Hazelwood incorporated into the town of Waynesville, 9,424 total.




   Government is under the direction of four county commissioners and a chairman. The commissioners set policies and conduct much of the county's budget through a county manager. County manager is Jack Horton. (452-6625)


   The Town of Canton's government is directed by a board of four aldermen and the mayor. A town manager oversees day-to-day operations of the town. Town Manager is Bill Stamey (648-2363)


 A board of four aldermen and mayor establish policy and adopt an annual budget. Town manager is Al Matthews (926-0866)


 A board of four aldermen and mayor set policies and adopt the annual budget. Town manager is Lee Galloway (452-2491). Hazelwood was incorporated into the Town of Waynesville on July 1, 1995.



    Manufacturing and tourism are Haywood County's major industries, followed by agriculture and the service industry.

    Champion International Corporation, with a large paper manufacturing mill in Canton and a smaller finishing operation in Waynesville, provide employment for approximately 1,800 people. The Canton mill recently completed a $330,000,000 modernization program that moved it to the forefront of paper-making technology.

    The second largest manufacturing employer is Dayco Corporation in West Waynesville with approximately 900 employees. Dayco produces ruber hoses and belts, primarily for the automotive industry.

    Lea Industries/Ladd Furniture Plant, with 425 employees, produces bedroom furniture for shipment throughout the country. Wellco Enterprises produces boots for the military.

    Further diversification is evident in the variety of products manufactured by other industries: epsom salt, textile labels, wood products, surgical drapes, and catalytic converters.

    The natural beauty of the area, mild year round climate, easy accessibility by major highways, and the nearby Asheville Regional Airport have attracted many visitors to the area, making tourism the county's second largest industry.

    While the number of people working farms has declined, agriculture stilll is a strong part of the county's overall economy. Beef and dairy cattle, sheep, swine, and tomatoes & apples are major agricultural sectors.

    The service industry also has become an ever-growing segment of the local economy.