by Maggie Barton


I come and I go

with nothing to show.

Because playing it safe

doesnít give me Godís grace.

My pace is fast

But my life canít last.

So ever so low

Becomes my true glow.

Slowly I fade

into the shade.

Because playing it safe

is having no faith.



Draw on Me

is where you should be.

But you really donít trust

I know thatís your main thrust.

As you live in pain

you show no gain.

Forgetting Iím here

is creating more fear.

But living in the flow

is where you can go.

Allowing my love

so you can rise above.



Nothing left for me to do.

Nowhere to turn, nowhere to hide.

Nothing to distract.

Nothing, nothing as my world comes to a stop.

Let go I hear, rest in peace.

Let go of the past, let go of the plan

Let go of the mind.

Nothing more to do.

Just climb into the emptiness.

And rest in that place.

Just nothing, nothing going on.

As I stop the world stops

and I am poised in that moment.

I become that moment

accepting, finally, that that is all there is.

I realize that everything is in that moment

And that is when I become a part

of the timeless stillness infinity.

The boundaries that keep me apart from the whole

Dissolve at that moment as I become fluid with the whole.

Just like a grain of sand - part of the shore.

I breathe into the silence, I breathe out to the silence.

As I become part of lifeís pulse.

I connect with the cloud

as I also roll along slowly.

Slowly in my own lazy way.

Just care free, like that cloud.

Iíve become the tree, standing upright

My branches swaying with the wind.

Just there, going nowhere, being just is.

It is here that I rest unequivocally with that

mysterious unknowing creation.

I feel at peace within the unknowing.

Knowing that I no longer need to flee from it

Into my hole of destructions.

No more grabbing, no more enticements.

No more stuff.

Because nothing competes with that brief infinite

moment in time.

Within that moment I realize the unfolding

As I become part of it.

Not my unfolding, but that greater, deeper mystery.

I thrill at being part of the wondrous unknowing

As I surrender to its bliss, rejoicing at being alive.


Copyright 1999. All rights reserved.


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