Joy! by Maggie Barton

"Come!", beckons Joy. "Come and be with me."
"Don’t forget that I am ever present."
"Lift up your head and see. "

"Break out of your chains, reach and connect with my abundant energy.
For it is within our merging that you become part of that divine creation.
That wondrous, mysterious aliveness."

"You limit yourself with your self-confining.
Confined by your parents, society and then, alas, by yourself.
Your ego judges and becomes your cell and there you stay until you die.
Trapped and sadly not even knowing."

"I challenge you to take the key I give you.
Your key to your cell.
For your door is there to be opened."

"Just trust me, because as you open the door your life becomes yours.
Trust and see.
For as you venture outside into life’s magic garden you truly become a Child of God.
By acknowledging that part of you, you are likewise acknowledged
and you flow so beautifully into that exciting, wondrous aliveness."

"So just allow your Creator to direct and instruct you with your journey home.
Please don’t fear the journey for it is abound with treasures that I provide to you.
Open your eyes and see.
See for yourself.
Creative treasures, compassionate treasures, sharing and knowing treasures.
But mostly knowing that as you unfold, you are also unfolding with creation’s unfolding.
Spiraling upward and returning

Copyright 1999 All rights reserved.

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