Grandmother Dawn Sky Weaver
The Magic Maskmaker

Grandmother Dawn Sky Weaver, until now, has worked with indigenous healers and elders both nationally and internationally. Dawn Sky Weaver has been involved in her spiritual development and her ability to facilitate healing since she was a young woman. She lives a spiritual path within her heritage of the indigenous spiritual practices honoring Great Spirit, Mother Earth, Great Mystery and all of her relations.

She is a certified practitioner in all three grades of traditional Usui Reiki, trained in crystal healing, and is a practitioner of ceremony, healing ritual, and the medicine wheel. She is also a spiritual counselor. She continues to study the arts of complementary healing practices, herbs, ceremony and other methods of natural healing.
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Personal masks are commissioned by
individuals wishing to have a mask
created for them. It denotes who they
are at the time, what lesson or lessons
they need to work with or on, or who
they are in this lifetime.

"You may want to be able to wear your mask, and dance in it during sacred ceremony. 
I have found this extremely empowering & consciousness raising." ~Alan McRae

The Thirteen Masks

In the year 2000, Dawn Sky Weaver was
spiritually guided to create Thirteen Masks
"The Journey of Truth in Love". When these
masks were completed she was instructed to present twelve to individuals throughout the world who were identified to her by Creator. The Thirteenth mask has a special task "To bring the journey story to all who see it."

During the creation of these masks she began to be commissioned by individuals to create Personal Masks. These personal masks represented a place in time, the person's spiritual being, a lesson to be learned, or a symbolic representation of the person's God-given abilities. The journey began with creating a mold from the person's face while in ceremony and continued until the mask and its story was presented to the individual.

She has also been guided to create a collection of sixteen masks divided into a series that represents four concepts: Native Tradition, African Heritage, Earth Mother, and Mystery Way.

The Maskmaking Process

The process starts with a ceremony
performed by Dawn. While the person
and Dawn are in a state of meditation,
Dawn creates a mold of the person's
face. Dawn will also see what messages
are received by both her and the
individual. It is a phenomenal experience. Dawn will take the mask and wait for a dream or other inspiration before completing the mask and it's story.

The owner will receive the mask by mail, or may pickup, or Dawn will deliver for an additional fee, which depends upon where she must deliver and how much time she spends working with the owner about the mask and it's story.

Dawn Sky Weaver: Beyond All Limits

Grandmother Dawn Sky Weaver
P.O. Box 623
Morrow, GA 30260

All masks are created in ceremony and are spiritually inspired.

Prices vary

Starting price $125.00

Personal masks are by commission only

Vision Masks are masks that are inspired by a vision, a dream, and/or a knowing. They tell a story, give a message, or teach a lesson. Dawn has been inspired to create sixteen vision masks. There are four series, and each series contains four masks:
  • Earth Mother which inspires healing
  • Native Tradition which speaks of the four directions of the medicine wheel
  • African Heritage which promotes family tradition
  • Mystery Way which inspires the admiration for God and the Universe