Maggie Barton's Creative Projects
I always have several creative projects either in the idea, under construction or completed stages. Some of these projects are collaborative by necessity, so if you see something interesting and would like to either learn more or participate in some way, then click on either the More Info or Join In buttons. This will put you "in the loop", as they say.
Stage Project Description Action
The Little Eden Project: we believe that continued globalization of industrial production will, inevitably, result in downward pressure on U.S. wages, prices and asset values. This deflationary spiral will mean that the middle class must learn to live on a smaller diet of cash flow by living in smaller, energy efficient homes that have a lower carrying cost.

The Little Eden Project will be a non-profit, creative network of makers working on a DIY panelized construction system that would allow most folks who are handy with tools to create their own affordable solar housing. Stay tuned!

Something's brewing deep within, but it hasn't surfaced as yet.