Millennium Times, Millennium Times by Maggie Barton

 "Millennium Times, Millennium Times!" cries the beggar in the street.
"Millennium Times, Millennium Times!" buy your wares for your retreat.
Pots and pans, rice and grain,
Something for all, as you hide from the rain.

Preparing for this, preparing for that,
Don't forget to pack your hat.
Playing it safe and running around,
Never the time to touch the ground.

Whispers inside you lead you on,
But only God's voice can make you strong.
Fears and panic weaken your grip,
As beggars rush in to speed your slip.

Slip to despair and all that's involved,
God's love diminished while your soul is dissolved.
Beggars proclaim "We have the answers!"
Calling for followers but not for dancers.

For God's dancers lead with Joy,
While beggars lead you to their Ploy.
Filling you full with words of Fear,
Hoping for followers as the Time draws near.

For giving you Fear is their Control,
Leading you on to selling your Soul.


Copyright 1999. All rights reserved.

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