Our Mission

For Everyone: Enjoying the Great Outdoors
For Seekers: Nurturing the Human Soul
For Ministers: Recharging Your Wellspring

For Everyone: Enjoying the Great Outdoors

  • To provide a beautiful, comfortable, and peaceful place to stay while exploring the Great Smoky Mountains. A place that is right in the center of all the best of the Smokies, so that our guests can quickly & comfortably travel to all the most sought after destinations.
  • To take our guests on Guided Tours of Natural Wonders, and assist them in various Outdoor Recreational Adventures, including hiking, camping, canoeing, rafting, fishing, climbing, caving, birdwatching, nature photography, and more.
  • To provide experienced outdoor guides who know the Smoky Mountains and can provide a safe & enjoyable outdoor fun experience for the whole family.
  • To instill in young and old alike the importance of wilderness conservation so that future generations will be able to enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the Smoky Mountains.


In Nature we can
experience the 
beauty of Life...

For Seekers: Nurturing the Human Soul

"The great malady of the 20th century, implicated in all of our troubles and affecting us individually and socially, is 'loss of soul'. When soul is neglected, it doesn't just go away; it appears symptomatically in obsessions, addictions, violence, and loss of meaning."
- Thomas Moore in Care of the Soul

  • To provide busy people with an undistracted experience of reflection and exploration of their Soul's unmet needs. We call this "Soulcare".
  • To guide Seekers to Majestic & Sacred Sites in the area, and provide assistance to facilitate a Spiritual Experience - usually through music, movement, guided meditation, prayer or simply allowing "Beingness" to occur in a safe & natural environment.
  • To create the experience of Joy & Peace through caring and sharing life's journey with other fellow seekers, thereby fostering Gratitude and Appreciation for our Aliveness.
  • To facilitate Personal Transformation, Spiritual Healing, Rites of Passage, Life Transitions, Inner Illumination, and the Desire to Serve Humanity in Harmony with the Divine Plan.
  • To share the Ageless Wisdom Teachings and relate its tenets to the principles of Modern Science and the enduring beliefs of the various World Religions.
  • To offer information, technical assistance, emotional and spiritual support to those who feel guided to relocate to this area.


In every land, 
the wise seek 
to know God...

For Ministers: Recharging Your Wellspring

  • To provide Servers of the Divine Plan, regardless of Faith, with a relaxing and rejuvenating Spiritual Retreat so that they may return to The World re-energized and ready to resume The Great Work of ministering to Humanity.
  • To minister to the needs of those who Minister to the People, so that they will feel nurtured and uplifted, and know that their work is truly appreciated.
  • To offer some custom-tailored, Spiritual Experiences designed to help deepen the soul connection that Faithkeepers, Ministers, Healers and other World Servers depend upon for their Service Work.
  • To provide a deeply spiritual environment that encourages Servers to explore the beliefs and practices of other Faithkeepers, so as to foster religious understanding and international cooperation. For we are all One People sharing a Living World.


Those who serve
need a respite
from the world
when they are


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