Sacred Sites
Vision Quests

In the Smoky Mountains
of Western North Carolina

All nature spots are sacred sites, but some hold specific focused energy that, 
when experienced directly, can awaken us to greater awareness and self-realization.
Being in nature can greatly enhance our connection with the divinity of the planet. 
It is our direct link to the heart and soul of Gaia,
the Earth Mother.

There are many access points of focused energy around the world:
the Grand Canyon, the Himalayas, Machu Picchu, the Pyramids of Giza,
Ayers Rock, Lourdes, Mecca, to name a few. We are all familiar with these. 
But only in recent years have many people re-discovered the power that lies within 
the Great Smoky Mountains.

More than a splendid tourist destination, the Smokies contain Sacred Sites and Power Places that were the spiritual temples of the Cherokee Indians and other tribes. These peoples consciously honored the Earth Mother in their sacred ceremonies, and they sought out these special places during their vision quests because they could feel the focused spiritual energy and inherent sacredness of each location.

We will take you to our sacred places*, and together we will:

* These are NOT Native American Sacred Sites. 
They are sites in the National Forests that are sacred to us.
Our Vision Quest experience in NOT based on any traditional culture or teachings.
It is a process we have created to foster self-discipline, endurance, inner focus, and
deep listening for modern peoples of any religious or ethnic background.
For clarification, please click HERE.

Which Sacred Site Tour
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Immerse Yourself in the High Energy of the Smoky Mountains

Enjoy the Beauty of Magnificent Mountains All Around You

$50 per Person*, Rated: Moderate

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* So that all who truly seek shall find, the Sacred Site Vision Quests
are priced on a sliding scale based upon your ability to pay
and sincere desire to explore the depths of Spiritual Awareness.
We're sure you'll find the experience immensely rewarding.
All love donations are used to support Maggie's Place (our Counsel House)
and the spiritual work of the various Presenters and Facilitators .

Do you need a Mini-Quest Weekend?

If you realize that you have some inner blocks that are keeping you from progressing in Life - blocks that have you going around & around in a closed circle, then you may need to experience our Mini-Quest Weekend.

Call us at 828-452-9609 to find out 
if a Mini-Quest could help you.

Mini-Quest Healing Weekend $300 per Person,
includes food & lodging.

Rated: Moderate

Are you ready for a Vision Quest?

If you have been studying spirituality diligently, 
practicing compassion, meditating, and doing The Work, 
then you may be ready to attempt a Vision Quest
You must be able to handle fasting, an all-night vigil,
some physical discomfort, and facing some of your fears.

Call us at 828-492-0364 to find out if you qualify.

7 Day Vision Quest Intensive $595 per Person,
includes food & lodging.

Rated: Very Difficult!

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