"The great malady of the 20th century, implicated in all of our troubles and affecting us individually and socially, is 'loss of soul'. When soul is neglected, it doesn't just go away; it appears symptomatically in obsessions, addictions, violence, and loss of meaning."

-From Thomas Moore in "Care of the Soul"

So often we are stuck between being frozen in our fears and demanding our desires be fulfilled. Caught between projecting into the future or clinging to the past, with little energy left to be in the moment. Experiencing Joy, Acceptance, or Peace become merely abstractions of the mind - to be intellectually folded and put away in some box. Increasingly, our neat and timely lives become ruled by our "To Do Lists". If I get through with my list, then I will feel secure, good or self-righteous, etc., etc. 

Sometimes, however, a crisis, be it physical, emotional or spiritual, causes us to reach for deeper meaning and purpose, beyond our presently self-created situations. Alan and I call this "the Ego's Surrender to the Soul's Journey". For some, this may be an already established quest, while for others it is a new experience where some inner "empty feelings" have started to percolate into awareness.

Maggie's Place offers you an opportunity to step out of your situation, to gain more clarity and insight, and to let go of tightly held beliefs and patterns. We offer you the opportunity to enter into experiencing more sustaining levels of Joy, Acceptance and Peace

As Alan and I honor the uniqueness of everyone's Soul Journey, we do not offer "cookie-cutter" programs or "how to" workshops. Rather, we come from a place of Openness and Acceptance. Offering the Space and Time to assist and support a person's Soul Journey. Supporting through any arising fears, assisting to reach and connect more knowingly with what the Soul is trying to Express and Manifest into physical form. The challenge being to enter into the fullness of who we really are. 

Individual, couple, family, and group experiences are offered. Flexible meal arrangements. Prior telephone contact is encouraged in order that Alan and I can start to prepare and intuit what is required of us. ~Maggie Barton, CSW

At Maggie's Place, our single focus is the honoring, healing, empowerment and care of The Soul. Angel's Blue Heaven
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