Steve Brock

  "As a former raft guide, waterfront director for the Boy Scouts, athletic director at the Asheville Boy's Club, and a paddler & hiker for decades, I have an intimate knowledge of, and am still in love with, the the mountains of North Carolina. As an amateur naturalist (Batchelor's degree in Biology from UNC-A), I have some knowledge of local ecology and flora to share. While not an extreme sports enthusiast, I truly enjoy introducing newcomers in a gentle, reassuring way, to the trails and streams long familiar to me. "
~Steve Brock~
  On a hike into the Joyce-Kilmer Nature Sanctuary 

A poem from Steve Brock:

Before Adam

Where was Adam
when Mississippian forests burned?
His genius ignited no blaze,
but Adam ran to the coals,
gathered heat into his dwelling.
Flames licked his soul.
When the wolf calls
hair raises on Adam's nape.

When fire burns
more than hands are warmed.
To the coals Adam brings the twig,
to the twig, the branch,
to the branch, the bough.
Adam adds much to embers.
He feeds the fire to feel the flame.

Now we squat before the altar,
chipping flints, telling legends.
Now we sit beside the fire.
The flames moan,
great blazes burn before you.

Copyright 1986. All rights reserved.