Relationship Support Group Forming

Are you having difficulties in your relationship?
Feeling alone with your problems?
He/She is distant?
You are frustrated?

You try talking and end up fighting.

You think about leaving, but you've been together for some time.

You try spending more time together, but when you do you don't feel that connection that you once had.

Instead, you feel anger and/or irritation.
Or, you've been single for awhile, but the dating scene isn't panning out.
If this sounds like you, then this group could help you.
Join and share with others in similar situations.

For more information, call Maggie Barton, CSW, MSW 
at 828-452-9609 or email her at

Also, you can read some of Maggie's relationship articles online by clicking HERE

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All aspects of relationships will be covered.
Such as :

  • How expectations can lead to anger and/or disappointment.
  • Communication problems.
  • Understanding why poor choices in partners are made.
  • Why early warning signs of a poor choice are ignored.
  • The impact of parental role modeling on present day relationship choices.
  • Difficulty trusting him/her or yourself.
  • The effect of compulsive issues on relationships.
  • The importance of understanding deeper aspects of intimacy.

All of these issues will be explored.

The group offers a space to share with others who have similar issues. To start to build trust and learn how to have healthier relationships with others as well as yourself.

Fee is a voluntary donation.