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The Sweat Lodge is a uniquely powerful way to purify physically, mentally and spiritually used by many different indigenous people. An entire day is devoted to the actual ritual.

First, the wood is split and stacked along with the Lodgestones in our fire circle. The Firekeeper, Doorkeeper, Lodgekeeper and the attendees are all smudged with Sweetgrass & Sage to purify their intentions, offerings are made to the six directions, and then the Ceremonial Fire is lit. While the stones are heating up, aboriginal music is played on simple instruments (drums, rattles, didjeridoo, etc.), prayers are offered, and people dance around the fire. 

When the stones are hot enough, the participants enter the Sweat Lodge one-by-one and sit around the Lodgepit. The Lodgekeeper then calls for a round of red-hot stones to be brought into the Lodge by the Firekeeper. The Doorkeeper assists with this process by holding open the Lodge Door covering. When each stone has been blessed and seated in the Lodgepit, then the Lodge Door covering is closed and a "Round" begins. 

In our Sweatlodge Ceremony, each participant takes a turn offering a prayer, poem or song while pouring the Sacred Water onto the Stones. As steam fills the Darkness of the Lodge, the participants recall the Darkness and Moistness of their Mother's Womb before they were born. The effect of traditionally praying and "giving our water" back to Mother Earth pulls us within in a uniquely powerful way. Many people have visions, spiritual recollections, or deep feelings of connectedness with Nature and God. All experience a profound Gratitude for the opportunity to share this Deeply Spiritual Communal Experience. 

After three rounds have been performed, with the opportunity to "cool off" between each round, a final "Warrior's Sweat" is usually offered to those who choose to push their limits of endurance. We encourage the Warriors to tap into their Spirit Animal Guides and release their unique sounds, movements, and characteristics amid the frenzy of the drumming and the searing heat of all the remaining stones. Exiting the final round into the cool night air, with the Moon and the Stars shining down through the treetops and steam rising from your skin, is a special kind of Epiphany that must be experienced - it cannot be described adequately in words. 

 After the Lodge a meal is provided, experiences discussed, and insights shared around our Universal Altar - the Sacred Center of our Home. 

Caution: Sweat Lodges are not recommended for people with high blood pressure or heart trouble. Also, not advised for pregnant or menstruating women. We do control the temperature of our lodge to keep it within your
comfort zone.

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