Ridley Hutchinson

"Touch the Earth, Touch the Sky" Workshop


"Touch the Earth, Touch the Sky" Workshop

In today's fast paced, urban society there is a growing interest in Native American and other indigenous cultures, their rituals and traditions. I feel this is Mother Earth's call to all of us to come back to Her, to come back "into balance" with the Community of Life. She is doing this out of great love for us, for she could shed the human race as easily as a snake sheds its skin.

Touch the Earth, Touch Sky Workshop helps us come back to this balance point by opening our awareness to the loving embrace of our Mother Earth and by grounding us in Her Reality. She is literally our Mother. Everything in our body comes from her. We use rituals of the earth from several different traditions to help in our opening up/grounding process, such as the Sweat Lodge, the Sacred Pipe Ceremony, the Medicine Wheel, the Drum Circle, and the Vision Quest.

As we approach the end of the Fourth World and the dawning of the Fifth World, those of us who feel we are being "called" to the wilderness areas need to ask the Earth Mother the following questions:

If you feel that you are ready to seriously explore your Highest Purpose for being here at this critical junction in humanity's evolutionary path, then this workshop is for you. (Please note that all of us have had to make major changes in our "careers" in order to answer Spirit's call. This is not for "workshop junkies" looking for something cool to do over the weekend. You will be asked for some background information to verify that you have been doing The Work and developing Clarity of Awareness.)

When: Saturday, November 22nd thru Sunday, November 23rd.
Where: Maggie's Place, 32 Chancery Lane, Waynesville, North Carolina
Bring: Participants are requested to wear loose comfortable clothing, bring a bathing suit for Sweat Lodge Ceremony and a Sacred Object and/or Musical Instrument from your spiritual practice (Drum, Rattle, Flute, etc.).
Cost: A Love Offering of $200 or equivalent sharing is requested to help sustain The Work. (Cost includes lodging and five meals to be served during the Workshop.)
Register: Call Alan @ Maggie's Place 828-452-9609

What you can expect to gain from this workshop

* Better idea of your individual "life purpose or mission" and how to fulfill your true desires.

* Definition of "Power" and how to use it for your well being.

* What "Powers" you have now and what "Powers" you need.

* To whom, what and where are you unconsciously giving your power, and how to recognize situations that unconsciously drain your power.

* Who are your spiritual allies and how to integrate their help in your life.

In Love, Light, and Service