Trust by Maggie Barton

You don’t trust me, because I can tell.
I feel your pain.
I see your despair.
I hear your anguish.
But, alas, you do not let me touch you.
You know that I am at arm’s reach but you don’t trust.
I am ever so close.
I smell your scent.
I feel your breath, but the division is there.
Held by you always, held by you.
You forget me in the scurry of your day.
You push me aside, casting me asunder.
I just want to have your hand, but, alas, you have no time for me.
Never time for me.
Always time for other things.
Only when the pain is great do you allow my embrace.
Please don’t forget me, please don’t put me away in your closet, and close the door on me.
Please don’t.


Copyright 1999. All rights reserved.

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